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after infra-red/laser treatments – a quick drainage – an anti-fat action

Slimming cream with an extraordinary formulation, the result of the purest ingredients. Fat Body speeds up the elimination of adipose tissues caused by triglycerides, allowing a quick drainage of toxins. Furthermore, it visibly enhances the skins appearance, the skin will look younger and slimmer.


SKU: 364215376135191
  • Active Key Principles:

    Natural Caffeine: used for its extraordinary anti-cellulite properties, it stimulates the blood flow and helps eliminating the liquids in the cells or the excessive body fat.

    Essential Oil of Lemon: it works on the lymphatic and venous circulation, thanks to the vitamin PP, reducing the flaws caused by cellulite, such as the orange-peel appearance.

    Carnitine: it transports fat acids to the mitochondria, where they are eliminated, helping the metabolism of substrata of lipids.

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