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The unique so soft cleansing cream you’ve always dreamed of. Natural Cleansing Cream for all  skin’s types, from normal to sensitive skin’s.

This super-gentle cleansing cream is  ideal for daily cleansing for all skin types throughout the year, and  particularly useful for sensitive and reactive skin’s, oftenly prone to dermatitis, reddening and skin cracking, that has difficulty retaining optimal moisture within the skin.

Multiple 4 actions formula: cleanser, make-up remover, skin softener, revitalizing face mask.
Its natural ingredients moisturize and restore skin hydration, while stimulating new hyaluronic acid production and improving skin Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF).


SKU: 21554345656
  • Soft, melting formula, which already during the first step of cleansing helps to improve the transport of glycerol and water to the skin, acts on aquaporins and the dermal-epidermal junction, thus promoting a visible increase in hydration and optimal distribution of the level of hydration to all treated areas.

    With Antioxidant Fresh Green Tea Extract & Moringa

    Green Tea leaves and the moringa seed boasts high levels of super potent antioxidants such as natural and stable Vitamin C, beta carotene, potassium and iron,  useful for increasing collagen synthesis, which will help reinforce structural support allowing for anti-aging and anti-wrinkle benefits.

    How to use: Apply on damp skin, massage gently and the emulsion will turn into a pleasant and sensorial mousse (foam). Rinse and complete the routine with Toner and specific Beauty Routine according to your skin type.

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