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minimising wrinkles – reactivating cellular turn-over – dull, tired and stresses skin


Outstanding scrub with gold and diamonds, thanks to its formulation, Jamululur Body Gold&Diamond Scrub reactivates the cellular turn-over, eliminating effectively dead cells, thus reducing wrinkles. With the reactivation of micro-circulation and metabolism, you will immediately get a more compact and vital appearance.


SKU: 364115376135191
  • 24 Carat Gold: effective against free radicals, it is and outstanding antioxidant. It reconstitutes the ideal cellular metabolism over time, giving a more homogeneous, compact and tonic appearance to the skin.

    Diamond Powder and Oceanic Mother-of-Pearl: rare and precious active principles, rich in essential trace elements. They give to the skin a homogeneous and tonic appearance, speeding up the cellular reactivation, for a skin always full of vitality.

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