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light/Nordic phototype – sensitive skin – supporting the skin physiological defence


Adequate and reliable skin protection requires a careful balance between erythema and radical protection, as well as good photo stability to provide long-lasting protection. SPF30 broad-spectrum protection should provide at least the same protection level against free radicals by UVA radiation as against erythema induced by UVB radiation,  in order to efficiently prevent long-term skin damage resulting in photo aging and pigmentation skin disorders.


SKU: 126351351935
  • Natural Lutein: it enhances the skin elasticity and protects against photo-ageing.

    Natural Creatine: it strengthens the skin defence, speeding up the cellular repairing processes in the DNA.

    Titanium Dioxide: it has a remarkable anti-inflammatory action.

    Aloe Lymph: carries out a decongestant action.

    Cream with SPF 30, it is ideal to protect the face and the body, even the most sensitive skins with light phototype. WB SPF 30 supports the skin physiological defence, it is water-proof, thanks to the natural agents it contains. It protects against photo-ageing, supporting the skin elasticity and reducing and preventing wrinkles. It also speeds up tanning, with a soothing and nurturing action.


    • UVA rays protection
    • UVB rays protection
    • Anti-oxidant
    • Lightweight Moisturizing
    • Water-Proof
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