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an antioxidant action – dehydrated skin – prolong tanning


Face-body cream for all skin types, it prevents and treats damages due to photo-ageing after sun exposure, it carries out an antioxidant and decongestant action. Tan Prolonger is ideal after sun lamp tanning treatments, as it re-mineralises the skin with a soothing revitalising action


SKU: 632835642834572
  • Hyaluronic Acid: with hydrating, soothing and protective properties. It helps maintaining a healthy and young akin, re-balancing the natural capacity the skin has to retain hydration.

    Linden Hydrolat: with decongestant properties, it carries out a soothing, anti-tiredness and anti-reddening action.

    Vegetal Ceramids: they stimulate the epidermis renovation.

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